How to use OCR Software

Having problems with using Bitwar Text Scanner? Don’t know how to use the OCR software to turn images to editable texts? Feeling puzzled that how can OCR software capable of extracting texts from images? Here are the tutorials for you!

How to Copy Text from eBook?

As eBook is becoming more popular and more popular, there is also some issues or problems occurring as well. Many of us had heard of eBook which stands for the electronic book where newspaper or books are written in an electronic format that is displayed on our screen. For new users who not sure what is eBook [...]

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How to Copy Text From PDF File?

Portable Document Format documents are portable files format that capture all elements and turn into an electronic image file for users to share, view or print. Users are unable to edit or change the content in it. If you are looking for some effective and easy ways to copy text from a PDF file? Just follow the text [...]

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Purchase VIP Plan and Enjoy All Privileges!

Bitwar Text Scanner is the best OCR software which can help users to capture text quickly and easily from images. The software offers 4 types of tools which are Image OCR, Table OCR, Screenshot OCR, and Scanner/Digital Camera. It is free for anyone to install and download on their system. The software also provides free membership and trials [...]

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What is OCR Text Recognition?

OCR text recognition is one of the brilliant technology which is created in the digitisation world. So what is an OCR? What can it do and what is the benefit of using it? Before we talk about it, let share a short history of OCR before it turned to be the modern OCR technology that we all knew [...]

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How to Change OCR Text Recognition Language Support?

Bitwar Text Scanner is so useful which it can help users to perform optical recognition not just on English image but many other international languages image such as Chinese, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean and others. We will show you how to change the OCR language support in the software. Just stay close and follow us with the steps [...]

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How to Batch Convert Image to Text?

Bitwar Text Scanner is a handy OCR software which helps users to convert Image to Excel, Image to Text, Screenshot OCR and Scanner/Digital Camera OCR. To allow users to be more efficient and faster, it supports batch conversion, which allows users to convert more than one file at a time. The tutorial below will show you the steps on [...]

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How to Convert Screenshot to Text?

All of us love to take screenshots in our daily life. We take screenshots of images or texts to share and records for future purposes. Since OCR is developed into computer technology, it makes us more convenient and easier to copy text or words from any screenshots. Follow us with the tutorials below on how to convert screenshots [...]

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How to Install Bitwar Text Scanner?

Bitwar Text Scanner is one of the best OCR software you can find on the Internet. It provides various types of OCR features such as Image OCR, Screenshot OCR, Table OCR and Scanner/Digital Camera OCR. It helps users to convert images from photos or screenshots to editable text instantly, and the software also supports batch recognition. Follow us [...]

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