Bitwar Text Scanner is the best OCR software which can help users to capture text quickly and easily from images. The software offers 4 types of tools which are Image OCR, Table OCR, Screenshot OCR, and Scanner/Digital Camera. It is free for anyone to install and download on their system.

The software also provides free membership and trials for all users to enjoy the privileges and features of the software. You can refer here to ‘How to Create an Account for Free?‘ to enjoy the free trial of the software by creating an account using your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and your Email Address.

However, there are limited access and resource when you are using the software. Therefore, we recommend users to upgrade their membership to VIP to maximize all the feature tools and resource of the software!

Free Trial

One of the best things about Bitwar Text Scanner is that it offers a free trial for regular users. Every user that has created an account, can enjoy free use of the OCR tools in the software which they can perform Ten calls of OCR per Day for OCR tools. Despite that, users are not allowed to perform batch OCR and Table OCR.

VIP Membership

If you have lots of loads that you need to perform OCR in a day. We recommend you to purchase and upgrade your membership to VIP. Upgrading to VIP provides a lot of different features and resources for you as well. The VIP memberships are divided into Three Types of categories. You can refer to the segment below.

First Plan – 300 Calls per Day

In this plan, the software offers you One Month, One Year, and Three Years membership with 300 calls of OCR per day.

300 Calls Plan

Second Plan – 500 Calls per Day

While for the second plan, the software allows users to enjoy 500 calls of OCR with the same One Month, One Year, and Three Years plans.

500 Calls Plan

Third Plan – 1000 Calls per Day

Lastly, the third plan is offering a 1000 calls per day which come with One Month, One Year, and Three Years package plan.

1000 Calls Plan

Upgrade Now!

After looking through the three VIP membership plans, we hope you had decided to choose which package plan is more suitable and valuable! Suppose you want to look for more information or purchase the VIP plans now, just refer to our official homepage: https://www.deliocr.com/store or in Bitwar Text Scanner ‘How to Purchase VIP License of Bitwar Text Scanner?‘.

If you need further assistance or help support, don’t worry. Our customer service support is always available to solve your problems anytime!